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Item # 02 Medisoft Patient Accounting for DOS
Click Here for the Windows Version
MediSoft Patient Accounting is the perfect starter system for healthcare practices and billing services that bill for services on a HCFA-1500 insurance claim form. MediSoft offers features found in systems selling from 10 to 50 times the price, including accounts receivable tracking, insurance billing, electronic claim submission and practice management.

"MediSoft is a wonderful system... because of its low price and ease of use."

John Homan,M.D.

"I didn't want to spend thousands on something I didn't know if I'd be able to use. After digging a little deeper, I bought MediSoft."

Jay LeSueur, D.C.

"The program is easy to use, especially for people with no computer knowledge or experience. If I have questions, it tells me the answers."

Michael Pearce, Office Manager

The MediSoft main menu is organized to make navigating the program easier while the command help line at the bottom of the screen shows which function keys are available at every point in the program.

MediSoft Patient Accounting software provides basic accounts receivable, insurance billing, electronic claim submission and practice management tools for any type of health care practice.

Accounting is Made Simpler with MediSoft

  • Patient ledgers show complete patient account activity including charges, payments and account adjustments.
  • Patient account aging reports give a detailed picture of your practice's accounts receivable. Information included makes collection of past-due accounts easier.
  • Custom-designed patient statements are printed the way you want them to look with the MediSoft formatter. Message areas are available to communicate news of special events, holiday hours or to help collect past-due accounts.
  • Tracks authorized visits to automatically notify you to reauthorize treatment when you reach the end of a carrier's authorized treatment series.

Practice Management is More Effective with MediSoft

  • Charge and payment information on the practice daysheet makes closing your day a simple task.
  • The practice analysis report summarizes activity for a day, month or year to let you compare information on procedures performed, payments received and totals of account adjustments and write-offs.
  • Scheduling patient appointments is a snap with the included Office Hours computerized appointment book.
The Office Hours patient appointment scheduler computerizes your appointment book. Office Hours pops up whenever you need it no matter what else you're doing to make patient appointment scheduling a snap.
  • Print patient birthday lists, perform multiple-appointment patient recall, export MediSoft data to spreadsheets, word processors or databases and even create your own simple custom reports with MediSoft's list formatter.

Insurance Billing is Faster with MediSoft

  • Print standard HCFA-1500 insurance claim forms on any type of printer and design forms to fit your needs with the what-you-see-is-what-you-get insurance claim formatter. MediSoft always meets the most current requirements of insurance carriers.
  • Turn up your cash flow with MediSoft's electronic claim submission. MediSoft gives you two choices for your electronic claims. Send claims directly to selected insurance carriers with optional direct submission modules, or use one of several recommended claims clearing houses. Software for submitting claims to NDC Healthcare EDI Services' clearing house is included with MediSoft at no additional charge.

Collections Improve with MediSoft

  • Custom collection messages tied to a patient's oldest balance automatically print on statements, urging patients to pay their charges sooner.
  • The patient aging report and insurance aging report pinpoint slow-to-pay patients and insurance carriers.

MediSoft is Easy to Learn and Use

  • Training help windows describe the requirements for entering data in each field. New users get productive more quickly and experienced users are reminded of each field's entry options.
  • Search windows pop up to quickly find patients, insurance carriers, employers, referral sources, service facilities, procedures, diagnoses and more. If you know the name, you can easily find the code.
Enter part of the name and MediSoft finds and displays matching items. Pick what you're looking for from the list without scrolling through screens of information or remembering a code.
  • Pop-up help windows are available for every field in every operation.
  • A complete tutorial is included to allow practice runs before putting the system into operation.

MediSoft is Easy to Own

  • One low price includes everything you need to start handling all your billing with a computer.
  MedicServe advises the purchase of this product to starting-out medical billing professionals, who may not be 100% sure if medical billing is something they would like to do. Also, single provider medical pracrices, who are in the initial steps of automating their billing & accounting operations may use this product as the evaluation / starting-out medical billing software package . It is affordable, and it includes all the features required to generate, manage and send claims electronically to a clearing house. This product lacks the advanced features found in the Medisoft Advanced Patient Accounting software, which are essential for an established medical billing service, medical practice. If the following advanced features are important to you, then please consider the Advanced version:
- Patient Account Ledger Window, to make patient accounting activity efficient
- Entering payments using a single screen simplifies and makes payment posting a very efficient process
- A Custom Patient Data screen allows you to store special information like treatment plans, immunization schedules, or any other relevant patient data....
- Multiple Fee schedule: each procedure may be assigned up to twenty six different prices
- You can assign "allowed amounts' for each insurance carrier for each procedure
- Many Advanced Reports: Remainder Statements, Referral Source Report, Referring Physician Report, Billing / Payment Status Report.....

Many owners of this software find it necessary to upgrade, and thus incurring the time / cost required to re-train their staff. We provide full credit of the original cost of this software towards the purchase of the Advanced Patient Accounting Software, once you decide to upgrade
We strongly recommend the Video 101 Training (item 20) as a supplement to this software application; this video training seminar covers in detail all initial set-up and operational modes. This complete training package helps reduce the initial learning process, plus it will make you / your staff efficient users, by fully utilizing all it's powerful features.

Although this DOS version is fully supported by Medisoft at the present time, we encourage new clients to consider the Windows version.
Description of WINdows version [Medisoft for WIN]

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