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Item # 02 Medisoft Basic Patient Accounting
  MediSoft has always been known for its efficient, powerful, but not over priced software. The basic version of MediSoft continues that tradition.

MediSoft Bills Insurance Faster

  • Prints standard HCFA-1500 health insurance claim forms.
  • Includes software for electronic claim submission.
  • Tracks visits authorized and used.
  • Uses alternate procedures and diagnoses codes to meet carrier requirements.
  • Stores billing information to allow duplication of any insurance claim.
MediSoft's Claim Management operation gives you access to every claim in the system -- both paper and electronic.

MediSoft Simplifies Accounting

  • Patient aging reports help ensure that charges are collected more quickly. It does not include Remainder Option though. See Comparison Chart below.
  • Patient account statements present billing information professionally, urging patients to keep their account current.
  • Records billing information by case.

MediSoft Makes Practice Management More Effective

  • Closing a day’s accounting is a snap with MediSoft’s patient daysheet report.
  • The practice analysis report summarizes charges, payments and account adjustments. Print it each month to stay informed about your practice’s financial health.
  • MediSoft includes Office Hours, a complete computerized patient appointment book.
  • Print birthday lists, recall patients and create customized reports and form letters with MediSoft’s report designer.
  • Expert Support is available from MedicServe, to help you with any questions that you may have during the initial installation set-up.
  • After the initial set-up, we offer reasonably priced support packages to serve your specific needs. It includes help with custom reports, claim management, electronic claim set-up, Transaction Entry, short cuts and much much more.
    Please note:Training is not part of the support service. But we also offer our popular remote hands on training courses, when necessary, to help you accelerate the initial Learning process. Please send us an Inquiry about our Support and Hands on Training courses.

MediSoft is Easy to Own

  • One low price includes everything you need to start handling all your billing with a single computer.
  Please see adjacent link to the Medisoft Software Product Comparison Chart
MedicServe advises the purchase of this product to starting-out medical billing professionals, who may not be 100% sure if medical billing is something they would like to do. Also, single provider medical practices, who are in the initial steps of automating their billing & accounting operations may use this product as the evaluation / starting-out medical billing software package . It is affordable, and it includes all the features required to generate, manage and send claims electronically to a clearing house. This product lacks the advanced features found in the Medisoft Advanced Patient Accounting software, which are essential for an established medical practice, or billing service. If the following advanced features are important to you, then please consider the Advanced version. Some of these features include:
- Patient Account Ledger Window, to make patient accounting activity efficient
- Entering payments using a single screen simplifies and makes payment posting a very efficient process
- A Custom Patient Data screen allows you to store special information like treatment plans, immunization schedules, or any other relevant patient data....
- Multiple Fee schedule: each procedure may be assigned up to twenty six different prices
- You can assign "allowed amounts' for each insurance carrier for each procedure
- Many Advanced Reports: Remainder Statements, Referral Source Report, Referring Physician Report, Billing / Payment Status Report.....

Many owners of this software find it necessary to upgrade, and thus incurring the time / cost required to re-train their staff. We provide full credit of the original cost of this software towards the purchase of the Advanced Patient Accounting Software, once you decide to upgrade.
We recommend our Training options as a supplement to this software application; our training seminar covers in detail all initial set-up and operational modes. This complete training package helps reduce the initial learning process, plus it will make you / your staff efficient users, by fully utilizing all it's powerful features.

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