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New Powerful Medisoft Version!

MediSoft Advanced Single User (Single Computer) provides an advanced medical billing software platform for an office utilizing a single computer.

MediSoft Advanced Bills Insurance Faster

  • Prints standard HCFA-1500 health insurance claim forms.
  • Includes software for electronic claim submission.
  • Offers multiple fee schedules. Enter and track up to 26 prices for each procedure .Store and use twenty-six different prices for every procedure in MediSoft Advanced. With this multiple fee schedule feature it's easy to charge the correct price for any patient.
  • Tracks visits authorized and used.
  • Uses alternate procedures and diagnoses codes to meet carrier requirements.
  • Stores billing information to allow duplication of any insurance claim.

MediSoft Simplifies Accounting

  • Patient ledgers show all accounting activity on a patient’s account.
  • A quick pop-up ledger window gives immediate access to all the billing detail for an account. MediSoft Advanced's ledger window is easily one of its most popular features. Get complete, at-a-glance information about a patient's charges, payments and account adjustments.
  • Patient aging reports help ensure that charges are collected more quickly.
  • Patient account statements present billing information professionally, urging patients to keep their account current.
  • Prints separate accounts receivable aging, ledgers, billing, reports and more by attending provider.
  • Records billing information by case. This window lets you specify which transactions are paid by an insurance carrier or patient payment. Select the transaction and enter the amount paid.

MediSoft Makes Practice Management More Effective

  • Closing a day’s accounting is a snap with MediSoft’s patient daysheet report.
  • The practice analysis report summarizes charges, payments and account adjustments. Print it each month to stay informed about your practice’s financial health.
  • MediSoft includes Office Hours, a complete computerized patient appointment book.
  • Print birthday lists, recall patients and create customized reports and form letters with MediSoft’s report designer.

MediSoft Improves Collections

  • Prints customized patient REMAINDER statements with collection messages and writes collection letters.
  • Tracks slow-to-pay patients and insurance carriers.

Medisoft Advanced Report Features

  • Enter data, print a report and do billing all at the same time using MediSoft’s multi-tasking features.
  • The MediSoft Report Designer lets you customize your insurance claims, patient statements, lists and more. Use the report designer's visual interface to make your printed output look the way you want it to look. Use Windows fonts and draw simple shapes to enhance your image!

Exclusive MediSoft-Advanced Only Features

MediSoft Advanced includes these features not found in other MediSoft products:

  • Pop-up patient account ledger window to get a quick look at patient accounts.
  • Security features to protect sensitive accounting information.
  • A very efficient Deposit Screen is available, which automatically calculates Insurance Allowed Amounts, Ajsustments and it prints Secondary Insurance Claims and Patient Remainder Statements.
  • Audit files and an audit report to identify changes and deletions in billing data.
  • Custom patient data screen to store extra, user-defined information.
  • Cascade insurance billing to hold claims for secondary and tertiary carriers until the prior carrier has paid or responded.
  • Remainder statements to let you bill a patient for any amounts remaining after all their insurance has paid.
  • Referral source report to identify the source of new patients.
  • Referring physician report to pinpoint valuable referral sources when a practice depends on physician referrals.
  • Billing/payment status report to help office staff staff track the billing and payment progress on each charge.
  • Multiple fee schedules to help you charge the right price for every procedure, automatically.
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MedicServe recommends this product for use by single provider medical practices, as well as, home based medical billing services, with no immediate plans for future expansion. The main consideration of course is that this product can not be used by multiple users, and it is limited to one computer station.

We recommend our Training options as a supplement to this software application; our training seminar covers in detail all initial set-up and operational modes. This complete training package helps reduce the initial learning process, plus it will make you / your staff efficient users, by fully utilizing all it's powerful features.

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