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Medisoft Medical Practice

Medisoft Medical Billing Service
The recommended Medisoft Software Computer Turn-Key systems for the Medical Practice and the Medical Billing Service have been configured to provide our customers the best combined value of computer affordability, current computer hardware power and medisoft, medisoft clinical emr pre-installation, configuration, optimization and pre on site testing.

Our computer hardware packages are current, (not obsolete systems), and are designed to give you the maximum performance to operate your Medisoft Advanced Patient Accounting, Medisoft Network Professional, Medisoft Office Hours Professional, as well as, the Medisoft Clinical EMR. Our background in Medical Practice Management, Network configuration, IT management, IT Security were vital factors in customizing the different packages. The main emphasis has been placed upon: Medical Billing Software and electronic medical records efficient and stable database operation, electronic claim processing, maximum patient billing data security and critical medical data automated storage backup.
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