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Hundreds of New Advanced Powerful Reports, which help you be in complete control of the different aspects of medical practice management: Account Receivables, Up to Date Financial Analysis, Charges/Payments Trend Analysis, Patient Care Management, Insurance Payment Analysis and Insurance Payment Comparison, Insurance Fee Schedules, plus there are many reports designed to flag user entry errors, and many many more.

- Reports can now be scheduled and delivered to pre-set users, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
- Reports can now be created using Adobe Acrobat format and emailed to a recipient

Advanced Medisoft Report Output Examples:
(The report examples below are from a demo practice and they are shown
for formatting purposes only. The demo data is not accurate and it's not real!)
Medisoft All Payor Aging
Medisoft Detailed Monthly Financials
Medisoft Appointments with Balances
Patient Appointment Card
Medisoft Charges Trend Graph
Medisoft Payment Trend Graph
Medisoft Daily Deposit Summary
Medisoft Diagnosis Ranking
Procedure Code Totals by Month
Medisoft FeeSchedule by CPT
Medisoft FeeSchedule by Insurance
Medisoft Financial Flash Report
Medisoft Frequently Used CPT's
Medisoft Patient DrillDown
Insurance Avg Payment Comparison
Medisoft Insurance Pay Analysis
Medisoft Insurance Pending Statement
Medisoft Monthly AR
Medisoft New Patients by Insurance
Insurance Visit Analysis
Medisoft Patients by Primary Diagnosis
Medisoft Patient List by Insurance
Medisoft Payments by Insurance
Medisoft Provider Comparison Chart
Charges By Facility Chart
Medisoft Referring Provider Analysis
Medisoft Unbilled Secondary Claims
The reports above can be customized by using the Medisoft Advaned Report Designer, which also allows for the reports to be generated automatically using pre defined schedule(s). For example, the reports can be generated after business hours and then they can be sent automatically to different user folders, or emailed. We also provide Advanced Report customizing & training services to help your staff become Advanced Report expert users.
Please call us at 888-987-9335 or 631-941-1014 or send us an Online Inquiry for more details.

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