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Medisoft is more than just a Billing Program! Medisoft is POWER!
Here are just a few of the notable benefits of upgrading to Medisoft V28:

Some of the New V28 Features:

With this new review of charges and patient payment and collection activity, providers and practice managers are quickly alerted to possible oversights such as appointments without charges, missed copays, and claims that were not billed. Providers can measure several core metrics to quickly identify if their practice is meeting collection goals such as expected copays at the time of service or billing for missed appointments.

Deliver better service at the point of care with the eMEDIX Patient Responsibility Estimate. Provide a good-faith cost estimate for planned procedures by quickly running a patient’s insurance eligibility for the planned procedure codes. Save time with pre-configured MultiLink Codes for common procedure bundles.

Managing rejected claims is even easier with CGM MEDISOFT v28. Users can now add a resubmission code for the specific claims in question through the Claim Management screen.

Some of the V27 Features:

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Save time moving charges and payments

You asked. We listened. It is now possible to move charges and associated patient payments between cases! Mistakes happen, but now it’s so much easier to rectify charges and associated patient payments posted to the wrong case.
Now, when the patient forgets to mention that their insurance has changed, you’ll have a quick way to move the charges to the correct case.
This fantastic feature takes away the frustration of error-prone and time-consuming double-entries.

Easily merge patient charts

Everyone has created unintended duplicate patients. Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe you didn’t know a patient had changed their name.
Before now, those records cluttered reports and introduced billing mistakes. With CGM MEDISOFT V27, you can easily merge one chart into another. Watch as all the data and transactions move into a single record.

New Advanced pop-up patient alerts

With CGM MEDISOFT V27, you can set up your own practice alerts and tag any patient with up to five notes or messages. You choose where and when the alerts pop up. Is it an alert for appointments, charges, or demographics?

PDF file support

The user experience improves with CGM MEDISOFT V27. Previously, if you received a PDF document, you couldn’t store it or view it in the images tab. Now, you can import that document easily and view it directly from the Patient's Case multimedia tab.

Upgrading to the current Medisoft offers many prior Enhancements:

Stay Compliant with New Cures Act Reporting & Demographic Enhancements

It might not be the most exciting enhancement, but it is an important one. CGM MEDISOFT V26 has been updated to include the latest 21st Century Cures Act requirements.

The Cures Act includes provisions to promote health information interoperability, patient access to their records, and to prohibit information blocking. Physicians are required to respond to any legitimate request to exchange or provide access to electronic health information (EHI) stored in their health records. Requests can come from a patient, another provider, a health plan seeking information for clinical purposes, or a public health agency.

With this new enhancement in MEDISOFT V26, practices can print an individual patient record with all the required demographic requirements protecting your practice from information blocking infractions. 

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You asked for it, CGM Medisoft Delivers: Search by Patient DOB

Eliminate Headaches with New Search by DOB
You asked and we listened. We’ve added a new productivity improvement in CGM MEDISOFT V26. Now you can search by a patient’s date of birth (DOB) for a more targeted search with faster results.

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New KPI Dashboards to Manage Practice Performance

KPI is short for Key Performance Indicator. KPIs help you measure the overall health of your practice by helping you identify and reduce inefficiencies. Common financial KPIs you should be tracking include charges, payments, adjustments, and net collection rates. Equally important are patient KPIs such as number of visits, no show rates, and average charge per visit. The new KPI Dashboards in MEDISOFT V26 help you stay on track with insight into these valuable KPIs.
Analyze Patient Visit Data
The new Patient Encounters Dashboard in CGM MEDISOFT V26 provides year-over-year comparisons for critical patient data. Use this dashboard to determine if your patient visit count is growing or shrinking. Identify your patient no show rate and compare it to the previous year. See the impact on your revenue cycle with a year-over-year comparison of average charges per visit. This valuable data helps you understand patient dynamics and how it is impacting the overall financial health of your practice.

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Enhance Practice Security with New Password Requirements

Passwords provide the first line of defense against unauthorized access to your practice’s computers and patient’s personal health information. The stronger your passwords, the more protected your system will be from hackers and malicious software.

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