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*Billing Alert*: Medicare Providers will have to submit Electronic Claims using the new MBI id. The current Medisoft incorporates the MBI Requirements.

Medisoft is more than just a Billing Program! Medisoft is POWER!
You asked for it, e-MDs Delivers! Many New Powerful Features:

Insurance Card Scanning Offers New Level of Convenience

You asked for it, and we delivered. Insurance card scanning is now available in Medisoft V23.
Now have a copy of the patient’s current insurance card at your fingertips to verify policy numbers, have the carrier’s address and phone number handy, and see copay amounts. You can scan to the Policy tabs and to the Multimedia tab for added convenience. You can also customize the resolution of the scanned image to optimize viewing.

Auto-Assign Statement Notes

Transaction documentation now includes 3 note fields instead of 1! Users can enter notes into separate internal, statement, and other note fields. Don’t worry, your existing notes are automatically moved to the new note format when you upgrade. Statement and internal notes are also available in Remittance posting with Auto-Assign statement notes or the free text entry feature options so that you can enter notes without leaving the Revenue Manager workflow.

Never Receive a Timely Filing Denial Again!

Timely filing denials are probably the most frustrating rejection a practice can receive. But since every payer operates on its own filing deadline schedule, it can be easy to miss a deadline. Not anymore! The new timely filing calculator in Medisoft V23 AR Tracker keeps your practice on track calculating just how long you have to file your claim while you work your insurance receivables. Billers can now instantly see how many days until timely filing expires, which claims have already been billed, and which claims are overdue. Prioritize claim submissions and work rejections promptly and more efficiently. Better yet, this feature is customizable to each payerís filing requirements so you should never miss a deadline again.

Reduce Duplicate Patient Records with New Checking Feature

With more and more patients refusing to provide Social Security Numbers, duplicate records are on the rise. That can create all sorts of problems with billing and reporting. Medisoft V23 solves this problem by going beyond just social security numbers and looking at the patientís last name and date of birth too, virtually eliminating duplication. Better yet, the software checks for possible duplicates prior to saving the patient demographics so that data entry time isnít wasted.

Flag Problem Areas with New Color Coding Functionality in AR Tracker

Multiple improvements to AR Tracker means your billers can work faster and more efficiently. Colored flags and backgrounds make it quick and easy to identify patient statuses. Incomplete transaction background colors display on the transaction grid for rapid visual recognition of transaction status

Electronic Statement Promotion(10/1/2018 - 12/30/2018):

We are offering a 60 day Free Electronic Patient Statement Trial to clients who upgrade to Medisoft V23 and add BillFlash Electronic Statements. We also offer a free Medisoft Electronic Patient Statement Demo. Please call us at 631-941-1014 to schedule your free demo.

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