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MEDISOFT CLINICAL UPGRADE PROMOTION (During Pre-release - Special Periods)
Medisoft Software V19 Upgrade ICD-10 Special Promo Pricing!
Always Upgrade to the ANSI-5010 ICD-10 Compliant Medisoft during the Speical Pre-Release Periods, and Get the best Price Anywhere!
Allow your billing staff sufficient time to become accustomed using the new ICD-10 Medisoft features.

We provide Superior Medisoft Software Technical Support, from Initial Installation & Implementation, Medisoft Clinical EMR Customizing, Training, Electronic Claim Configuration, Claim Rejection Resolution Support Services.
Stay Current and be Prepared for the new ANSI 5010, ICD-10 regulations, while you $ave!
We Offer Online Medisoft Classes. CALL Robynne Dodd Today at: 888-987-9335 or (631) 941-1014 for current Special Promos to Register and Reserve your Medisoft V19 Upgrade at the Current SPECIAL MEDISOFT UPGRADE PRICE!
And Office Hours Professional is included at no additional cost!

Medisoft is more than just a Billing Program! Medisoft is POWER!
You asked for it, McKesson Delivers! Many New Powerful Features!

Medisoft V19
The main emphasis is the mandatory ICD-10 implementation in your DX listing. It contains a mapping tool, which is based upon the CMS General Equivalent Mapping, which translates the ICD-9 codes to ICD-10. Medisoft V19 offers a robust and well designed Insurance Configuration Module, which allows you to set each insurance with the appropriate ICD coding requirements. Alerts have been set up to alert you of any wrong code version, not matching the current insurance carrier requirements.

Once you have purchased Medisoft V19, you may then add the Medisoft Clinical or Practice Choice EMR at the lowest price possible.

Of course, Medisoft V19 also contains the following features, which have been incorporated into the most recent medisoft versions, and have been enjoyed by clients who stay current:
  • Improves productivity of the scheduling and billing staff
  • Simplifies patient accounting
  • Speeds insurance billing and improves reimbursement
  • Improves collections and reduces accounts receivable
  • Tracks practice performance efficiently and automatically
  • Reduces the administrative burden on physicians so they can focus on patient care
  • Provides a seamless path to EHR adoption

    Improves office workflow and simplifies the patient scheduling process:
  • Medisoft comes standard with a scheduling engine that replaces inefficient paper-based schedules with an electronic view of your office resources, making it quick and easy to schedule, move or cancel appointments.
  • Streamlines accounting, billing and collection processes to make staff more efficient and help practices get paid faster
  • From the office to back office, Medisoft helps make sure you receive the maximum reimbursement for the services you provide.
  • Verify insurance eligibility before scheduled appointments.
  • Collect co-payments and balances due at the time of check-in.
  • Add payments directly into the Medisoft billing system from the scheduling screen.
  • Produce a “quick receipt” for payments collected up-front.
  • Set up patients using the Patient Quick Entry feature, which consolidates billing data entry into one easy screen.
  • Submit claims electronically and manage claims by resubmitting individual claims or batches of claims when there is a dispute with a payor.
  • Produce professional, easy to read patient statements.
  • Automatically populate the Collections Worklist for follow-up with payors and patients on unpaid claims.

    Enhanced reporting
  • reporting has never been better
  • Medisoft V19 includes more than 200 reports to help make your practice run smoothly. Medisoft Reports give unparalleled information on managed care plans, in-depth financial information, marketing statistics,
    The current Medisoft Version also offers you:

    - The most current EDI program updates to minimize potential Insurance Carrier Claim Rejections. Please note: Older/legacy Medisoft versions do not contain the latest EDI updates, which are essential to avoid potential claim rejections. Another important consideration for upgrading to the current Medisoft Version is the new ANSI 5010 and ICD-10 insurance carrier claim submission requirement.

    - The Option to ADD ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORDS (E.M.R.), USING MEDISOFT CLINICAL! E.M.R. implementation is becoming a necessity, as it helps increase patient quality of care & overall process efficiency; it reduces manual paper chart related activities by allowing for patient charting through the use of pre configured e-templates, e-prescribing. The billing coding accuracy is also increased, thus reducing potential insurance carrier audits.
    Please enable Active X Controls in your internet broswer, if you can not view the Medisoft Clinical EMR Video Demo below:

    Please visit our Medisoft Software Online Upgrade Site for a current Reduced Promotion Quotation.

    You may also click here for the Printable Medisoft Software Upgrade Quote Request Form, which you may fax back to us

    Don't Wait! Please send us your Medisoft Upgrade Quote Request now, before the Special Reduced Price Promotion expires.

    Message from the President: Are you still Skeptical about EMR!

    Click here for more details about the Medisoft Clinical EMR Option

    Prior and Current Enhancements:
    Medisoft now has the Advanced Reports that Users have needed and have requested for years; Your requests have been answered:
    - Hundreds of new advanced reports, charts and graphs
    - Reports can now be scheduled and delivered to pre-set users, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
    - New Comparison Report feature allows period to period comparison analysis of charges, payments, adjustments and patients
    - Reports can be created using Adobe Acrobat format and emailed to a recipient

    Here are just some of the new Advanced Medisoft Report Output Examples:

    New Flexible Grids for Insurance Claim Generation
    The current Medisoft introduces new user interface windows to better address different insurance filing requirements. This new layout allows you to easily configure various insurance requirements, like Individual NPI claims, Group NPI claims, in order to minimize potential claim rejections! These changes support creating as many custom scenarios that you need to successfully file claims. These settings are highly flexible providing greater depth to address your particular office’s billing needs.

    Your Request has been answered: The electronic claim setup logic of group and individual filing has finally moved from EDI Receiver to the Provider window! You now bundle claims by creating provider filing rules using the Group or Individual buttons on the Provider IDs grid, instead of sending via a group EDI receiver or an individual EDI receiver; if a carrier requires further refinement, you can create multiple submitter IDs to separately batch by submitter id.
    For example, if one of the providers in your practice files claims as an individual with an insurance carrier the other providers do not use, you would need to create another rule on the Provider IDs grid for that provider. In this grid entry, you would specify the insurance carrier. You would also change your filing status to Individual and enter the provider's NPI number, not the group NPI number. You could also include the taxonomy and tax ID/social security number in this grid entry.

    Additional Powerful, Exciting Features:

    - Patient “Quick Entry” is now available; eliminates all the different screens!
    - Claim scrubbing for clean transmission
    - New Billing Req’t for up to 8 Diagnosis Codes is now available
    - Data Tables like insurance, CPT, ICD-9, Referring Providers, ETC., can now be imported from one practice into another! This was one of the top 2007 client Requests!
    - UB04 Printing and Electronic Print Image available
    - Real time claim status (ANSI 276/277) ERA’s (ANSI 835)
    - End lengthy phone calls tracking the status of claims
    - Automatically generate letters for timely filing, claim appeal or claim status…. and many more!
    - Hide Inactive Patient Accounts, or any other inactive items like insurances, providers, etc.
    - Missed Copay Tracking (No. 1 MedicServe Client Request!)
    - Unprocessed Transactions (Holding Tank)
    - Aging View directly from Transaction Entry
    - Improved Custom Reports using Crystal Reports Engine:
    o Export Reports directly to Microsoft Excel
    o Patient by Diagnosis Report (Now Standard)
    o Patient by CPT Report (Now Standard)
    o Patient by Insurance Report (Now Standard)
    - Change Chart Number Utility is now Included
    - Integrated (Secure) Word Processor to add notes, letters
    - Global Security Added (HIPAA)

      Get Paid Faster

    • Integrated Electronic Eligibility Verification. Automatically check patient eligibility and details prior to scheduled appointments or real time verification for a single, walk - in patient.
    • Calculate Patient Balances. Automatically calculate Patient Remainder Balances when opening or closing Medisoft version 11.
    • Account Alert Setting. Set account alerts based on patient reminder balances, delinquent on payment plans, or receivables balances.
    • Better Manage your Practice!

    • Convert old type statements into an easy to use statement management format through the Medisoft conversion wizard.
    • Quick Ledger enhancements enable users to view guarantor totals and patient totals on a single screen. New totals include Family total, the total for all of the patients under the guarantor.
    • Office Notes can now be included in comment tab of the claim or statement.
    • Remainder statements include patient aging and insurance aging (pending insurance balance).
    • Physician Offices & Billing Service Data Merge is now available

    • Billing Services and physician offices can securely share and easily merge demographic and financial data between medical practices and their billing services, saving valuable time by eliminating double entry
    • Many other Time Saving Features

    • Edit Facility from the transaction entry.
    • View / Print all future appointments for a patient.
    • Store Patient Records, like x-rays, insurance cards, photos, sound and video, using the multimedia feature in the patient's case (requires the Network Professional)
    • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) saves time and accuracy through automatic payment posting.
    • Electronic Statement Processing saves time and improves cash flow
    • Many More Retained Advanced Features:

    • Customize your transaction entry grid. You decide what gets entered and in what order.
    • Create and modify custom reports using the Powerful Crystal Reports
    • Track and manage all your patient statements from one screen!
    • Patient statements automatically generated based on insurance payment
    • The Statement Management screen provides the latest statement status (Sent, Paid) for every Patient Statement. You’ll see instantly which statements are the oldest making it easy for you to prioritize which accounts to collect on first.
    • A Statement Note can be easily added to each statement

    • Allows you to color code a patient’s account to flag such issues as past due accounts. Whenever the patient’s account is accessed, even in appointment entry, his/her name will be highlighted with a color, making it easy for your staff to identify patients from which to collect payment.

    • Throw away your coding books and put that money back into your practice! Encoder Pro is a coding tool that replaces the 4 or 5 coding books sitting on your shelf.
    • The Encoder Pro option cross references CPT-4, ICD-9, and HCPCS making it easy for you to choose the correct codes. It improves accuracy and reimbursement.
    • Includes lay descriptions, HCPCS annotations, and ICD-9 section notes that improve code selection and makes it easy for anyone, even beginner coders select the correct code.
    • Find corresponding cross codes for CPT & HCPCS Level II procedures. It also includes a complete list of CPT & HCPCS Level II code modifiers.

    To Upgrade your Medisoft software to the latest available software version is easy and you save hundreds if you stay current. The new Upgrade policy provides for significant savings if you upgrade and stay with the current version. Please gather your original Medisoft Software registration information, including the medisoft software serial number. If you have any questions, please call us at (888) 987-9335, or send us email Inquiry.

    To start the medisoft software upgrade process, please complete the following Medisoft Software Special Upgrade Request Form, and include your original medisoft software serial number, and version. An upgrade quote reply will be supplied to you and we will take care of the entire upgrade process.
    Be certain that you will be getting the best value in Medisoft Upgrade Pricing and Superior Technical Support Service!

    Robynne Dodd
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