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Item # 04 Medisoft Advanced Multi-User Patient Accounting for WINdows

MediSoft Advanced Multi-User Software

    This version of the Medisoft Advanced supports multiple and simultaneous users on popular local area network (LAN) systems. LAN systems supported are WINDOWS, NOVEL. The Operating system is Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows Me.

    THE Medisoft Network Professional is required if your main Database Server's operating system is Windows NT, Windows 2000 or XP Professional.

    You get all the features of the Medisoft Advanced Patient Accounting, plus you can configure your medical practice, or your medical billing service to work in a networked configuration, allowing multiple users to perform different tasks simultaneously.

    Configuring Medisoft to run on the specified networks, and setting up the workstations and server correctly is not a difficult task, but it is recommended that the network configuration and Medisoft installation be performed by qualified network technician.

Technical Overview

    MediSoft Multi User runs on a Windows 95, 98, Me client-server type network. In this configuration, one computer, the server, is set aside to act as the file and print server. This type of network is usually faster than a peer-to-peer network because it employs advanced technology and the computer acting as the server is used only for that task. The database engine, (ADVANTAGE) which is running on the server in the background acts as the management tool to minimize network data traffic, and thus increase network speed and database stability.
    The recommended computer requirements are: Pentium II or above, 300 MHZ, 128 MB RAM. Another important consideration is the hard drive access time. A slow hard drive will result in degraded network performance.
    The maximum recommended users on this type of Medisoft Client Server network is 4. The NT Client Server application is recommended for larger networks. The combination of the powerful Medisoft Advantage database engine and the NT (or Novell) operating system provide a Client-server network able to handle large amounts of data with little speed degradation and risk of database stability.
  MedicServe highly recommends this multi-user product for use in smaller medical practice and medical billing service networks. This product improves efficiency dramatically, since it allows multiple & different tasks to be performed simultaneously:
    In a medical practice, the front desk receptionist can check patient appointment information, the medical assistant can check patient case history, the medical billing staff can process claims, while the medical office manager can run accounting reports.
    In a medical billing service, one billing professional can be creating electronic medical claims, while another is assisting a customer inquiry, while having simultaneous access to the database.

We strongly recommend the Video 101 Training (item 20) as a supplement to this software application; this video training seminar covers in detail all initial set-up and operational modes. This complete training package helps reduce the initial learning process, plus it will make you / your staff efficient users, by fully utilizing all it's powerful features.

The Medisoft Client Server Software application is recommended for larger medical billing services and medical practices; (comprised of more than 4 simultaneous users).

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