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Item # 04 Medisoft Advanced Client Server Patient Accounting, WINDOWS NT, 2000

The Most Powerful Medisoft: Network Professional

    The Medisoft Network Professional is packed with many Powerful Features, which are normally found in products that cost tens of thousands more! Clients that have switched from such high priced products to the Medisoft Network Professional have expressed their amazement that Medisoft is performing beyond their expectations!

    The Medisoft Network Professional Client/Server will add speed and stability to your multi-user system. By utilizing the Advantage Database Server, Medisoft Client / Server is able to decrease network traffic, improve the performance of Medisoft, and increase your database stability. Remote Networks connecting multiple office locations can be configured easily using the Medisoft Network Professional, while achieving maximum network performance. Additional information is available for Medisoft Remote Networks

Let Advantage Do the Work

    In the Client/Server setting, the database does all the work requested by its clients. The Advantage Database Server receives the requests for a database operation from the client, locates the database files on the server, processes the database operation, then returns only the results to the client.

Client Server Benefit Summary

  • Handles the needs of Networked Medical Practices, Clinics, Hospitals, larger Billing Services.
  • Improves multi user performance by intelligently dividing database operations between the client and the server
  • minimizes the cost of on-going database administration
  • No costly training is necessary for set-up, operation
  • Reduces Network Traffic
  • Protects database files against network failure and user error through a centralized storage management system
  • Allows for an efficient Remote Network between multiple office locations
  Medical Practices and Billing Services choose the Professional version for many of the features not found in the other programs. Please see adjacent link to the Medisoft Software Product Comparison Chart

The Medisoft Network Professional has become the premier networked medical billing software application. The client server database stability is essential to a medical practice or medical billing service, which demand very limited down time. The improved network performance is translated into a highly efficient networked office operation. Productivity Reports sorted by Procedure, Provider, or Insurance provide for an efficient Revenue Management Process, while Insurance Comparison Reports help you be ahead of Insurance Re-imburshment trends, that may affect future revenue. The Network Professional empowers the Billing Office to maximize reimbursements, while it provides the tools for the medical office manager to be in complete control of all medical office patient accounting operations.

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