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Item #16 Medisoft Office Hours Stand-Alone for Windows

Disconinued, 01/2001, see item 17 for the PRO verion.

A Patient Schedule program that is easy to use and it Works

    This stand-alone software application for Windows is an excelent patient scheduler. This is normally bundled into the Advanced Patient Accounting software for Windows, but it also works as a stand-alone, in a Windows environment.
    All the features you need in a patient scheduling program are here:
  • Customized appointment time slots
  • Customized office hours of operation
  • Easy and efficient data entry, which can be performed by the front desk person
  • Appointment changes can be made at a snap
  • Review any day's appointment schedule at a click of a mouse
  • Easy printout provide you with a hard copy of any day's schedule
  MedicServe recommends this product for use by medical practices who wish to simpify their patient appointment process. This product is very easy to use, and it has been used effectively by frond desk personell. This product comes bundled with the Advanced Patient Accounting software package for Windows; (you only need to purchase this stand-alone application, if you are using some other Medisoft product).
Please note: Heavy volume, or multi provider medical practices may want to consider the professional version of the Office Hours program, see item 17.

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