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Item #05 Medisoft Office Hours Professional Patient Scheduler

This MEDISOFT Professional Patient Schedule program offers all the advanced scheduling features needed by the Medical Practice

    This Professional version of the Medisoft Office scheduler has all the features you find only in schedulers that cost thousands of dollars. It includes all the features of the standard Office Hours program that is included with your Medisoft software, plus all of these powerful features:
    You get more appointment views. Choose what works best for your office:
  • Day View window
  • Week View Window
  • Monthly View Window
  • Multiple Provider View Window
  • Equipment or Specific Room Utilization View Window

    You get more POWER with these professional scheduling features:
  • Check in your patients to track and print no-show lists at the end of the day
  • Search for an available appointment time slot by a specific provider or all providers
  • Color Code features are available to quickly identify different types of appointments - like new patient that require registration...
  • Set up break times or provider vacations with a few clicks
  • Post Patient Co-Pays or check Patient balances
    The Medisoft Office Hours PRO is becoming the most popular patient scheduler because it is powerful, easy to learn and use and very affordable. Other schedulers having the same capability cost thousands of dollars more!
  MedicServe strongly recommends this product for use by multi provider or busy medical practices who wish to simpify their patient appointment process. This is a very powerful scheduler, with features found in similar products which cost thousands of dollars. You can also access the live schedule from an ipad, using the Medisoft mobile app! This scheduler is easy to set-up, and use. The front desk personell love to use this product, because it simplifies the appointment process, especially when changes need to be made quickly. They can enter copays directly from the scheduler, or check patient balances. They can view or print all patient appointments with just a few clicks! The medical practice manager and medical provider(s) love this product as well, because it provides a quick look thru window of past, present and future patient appointment information, as well as, equipment or specific treatment room utilization.

If you own the Medisoft Advanced Network Professional, then the Office Hours Professional is now included free of charge! It can still be purchased as a stand alone patient scheduler software.

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