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emr, medical billing software
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emr, medical billing software
EMR Clinical Gimmicks, Scams
Listed below are some of the lessons learned that some of our clients have experienced and have alerted us about:

Some competitors are enticing clients with Beta EMR Demo Software, which has an expiration date; thus they do not include the Clinical software cost in their initial quotation. Although this practice is strictly illegal, these VARS are known to operate in this manner for years. Their emphasis has been to sell many products at a low price, without providing actual implementation support. Physicians are starting to demand that their EMR software be implemented, in order to be eligible for Stimulus funding. But these VARs have only Computer experience, no real clinical expertise. As a result, in most cases, the EMR implementation does not complete, and the beta expires. As a result, the medical practice loses their initial EMR investment.

More and more physicians are calling us to help them repair the damage caused by these VARS, and to help them implement their Medisoft Clinical EMR. Please do not hesitate to call us, we will be happy to bring you back, get you on track.
Some EMR companies are enticing medical practice providers with a very low initial EMR software cost. The main reason though is to force the medical practice provider to abandon their current Practice Management, Billing Program. Once the medical practice provider realizes that they must have an Integrated Practice management-EMR System, then they are given the following 2 choices:

1. Use the EMR company's inferior medical practice management, billing program.

2. Outsource the billing to the EMR Company! Therefore, the EMR company's reason for selling "cheap" EMR is to ultimately "earn" about 7% - 10% of the doctor's yearly revenue, by switching to the EMR company's billing service!
Some Hospital based EMR systems are offered to providers at a very low initial cost. Then as the office tries to implement/use it, they are "surprised" with some very HIGH implementation and training quotes.
Providers receive phone calls from unknown EMR companies stating that they can help them obtain government funding, only if they choose their EMR software. This is not true, since funding is only available for CCHIT certified EMR's. The McKesson Practice Partner (Medisoft Clinical) is only one of few EMRs that have passed all current certifications and has been CCHIT certified year after year.
Unknown EMR companies are calling medical providers telling them that their EMR is designed to work only with their specialty. They produce demos, showing templates for their particular specialty, but when asked to edit the template, they are told it is not a real EMR template that can be edited at the present time! The McKesson Practice Partner (Medisoft Clinical) EMR has been proven to be fully customizable to most physician specialties.
VIRTUAL / ANONYMOUS DEPOTS: Although obtaining a low price for your Medisoft Products is very important, another major consideration should be the availability of qualified customer support. There are some virtual product depots that offer low prices, but in most cases, they lack any Medisoft customer support expertise. There are even some virtual web sites that do not even list the actual company's name or mailing address anywhere! Be extra cautious about such a ploy.

Since McKesson does not support purchases made from third party virtual product depots, you will be left in a precarious situation when you will need product support. Many clients have switched to our services, after they were dissatisfied with the lack of support from these virtual product depot sites. Our staff is certified to handle Medisoft database application questions, plus we offer support for Medisoft EMR template creation to meet current requirements, Medical Billing Claim Submission Requirements, network related questions, Medisoft EDI Report Management, Medisoft short-cuts, hands on remote training courses and much more.
Advertisements offering Fictitious Doctor Contracts to Starting out Medical Billers!
Please do not get distracted by some "too good to be true" statements.
Medical Billing is NOT: "Use your Computer, some billing software and you are a Medical Billing Professional!

Some "virtual product depots" advertise that they will provide free doctor billing contracts if you purchase their medical billing software. Then after the purchase is made, they state that they only provide doctor names, not contracts, or some of these sites just disappear.

The following list contains advice to starting our medical billing professionals, and some actual ploys used by some "virtual product depots" to get your money, while offering you inferior packages, tricking you to believe that their list of doctors is something more than a random online doctor list.
  • Doctors are relying more upon the ability of their billing staff, whether it is within the practice, or outsourced to a medical billing service. They demand short billing & reimbursement cycles, on a consistent basis.

  • In order to achieve that, the medical billing professional has to be able to submit simple, as well as multi-tier claims with extremely low rejection yields. Some basic billing knowledge and experience are the basic pre-requisites required to maintain a harmonious and continuous customer relationship.

  • There are ways to obtain some basic initial medical billing knowledge. Career and trade schools, and /or working in a medical practice, which allows for some hands-on experience in medical billing. That is just the beginning!

  • Then you have to keep pace with the constant changes imposed by the government and the different insurance carriers.

  • And more importantly, your out-most dedication to your work and to your customers is the solid foundation in maintaining a successful medical billing service.


Our Government takes action against companies that use deceptive practices to steal your hard earned money (News Article): The Federal Trade Commission, the Justice Department, several state attorneys general and securities officials announced that they have filed complaints against 68 operations they accuse of deceiving consumers about work at home and other business ventures, such as vending machine chains and other. More than 100 newspapers have agreed to include their own classified ads informing consumers of what to look for in a legitimate business promotion, officials said. Additionally, more than 85 of the papers have agreed to screen out deceptive ads, such as those that make earnings claims without any disclosure of how much consumers have actually made. The promoters targeted consumers starting a home based business with short teaser ads that promised the chance to make money in various business plans from work at home to buying vending machines.
Random Doctor Lists: We have received a high number of inquiries from disapointed medical billing professionals who were led to believe by some "virtual depots" that they will be getting doctor contracts, once they purchase medical billing software from them! The ploy used was a list of doctors on a disk. In every case, the doctors were just part of an online directory, and in most cases, the doctors already had electronic billing in house, or outsourced to a medical billing service. We recommend that you do not place any value on this list of doctors, since it is just a random list; there are many free doctor listings on the internet, like insurance carrier web sites or specific hospital directories.
Virtual Depots offer inferior packages: The following caution is a result of recent concerns expressed by some of our customers who have switched to our services:
Always ask to obtain details in writing regarding which medical billing and medisoft emr products are being offered to you. There have been cases where prospective medical practice providers and medical billing professionals thought they were purchasing the advanced patient accounting, but instead they received the basic version instead. And in one case, an emr package included a beta demo version! In many other cases there were complaints of lack of general medical billing software support or lack of qualified technical support services.
Please call us at (888) 987-9335 or email us if you are concerned about a deal that sounds too good to be true!

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