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Medisoft EDI Solution: McKesson RelayHealth

Collecting revenue in a timely manner is critical to your success! Being the market leader, we understand this better than any one else. Prior to the patientís visit, you can make sure youíre going to get paid for the work you will be performing with eligibility verification. Once youíve seen the patient, you can depend upon us for submitting your electronic claims to all payers followed by electronic remittance advice for most payers as well. Lastly, round out your collection process with electronic statements, saving staff valuable time from doing this very time consuming task. With these services you can accelerate your cash flow, reduce costs and improve office productivity. All of this at an affordable price.

Eligibility Verification provides quick confirmation of patient confirmation of patient insurance and benefit coverage, reducing the likelihood of bad debt. With the click of a button a full dayís schedule can be sent to most payers and responses retrieved directly from the payers offering accurate and up-to-date information. This service not only saves time by eliminating lengthy phone calls to payers, it also accelerates cash flow by enabling immediate patient collection payment for any treatment not covered by insurance.

Electronic Claims and Remittance Processing enables accurate claims submissions and helps reduce rejected claims before they get to the payer through thousands of edits up front. Thatís right, your claims will be checked before they go the payer to make sure they contain correct data. Filing electronic claims also ensures payment in half the time of paper claims. Once through the payerís system, youíll receive notification of what the payer will pay on the claim in an electronic format. This allows the billing staff to post an entire EOB in just seconds, reducing paperwork, increasing accuracy, and eliminating processing costs associated with manual data entry.

Electronic Patient Statements eliminate the labor-intensive preparation of routine patient statement processing. Electronic Patient Statements enable you to transmit patient statements electronically to be printed and mailed, saving your office time and money. Your statements can go out every week if you would like and your staff can be freed up to focus on other activities.

Online Business Office: "Patient Compass" allows patients to use your Web site to access their up-to-date financial account information and view consolidated medical group charges on one statement. Patients can use your Web site to access their up-to-date financial account information and view medical group charges on one statement.

Medisoft provides you with all of the tools you need to simplify complex financial and billing tasks.
All of this and more at an affordable price.
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