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McKesson RelayHealth

Please see below for web site links to the documents required to set up a new Mckesson RelayHealth electronic data account, or upgrade your existing account with Mckesson RelayHealth. Please call us at 631-941-1014 if you have any questions. We look forward to make your RelayHealth registration experience as smooth and efficient as possible.


Please click on the links below and then Save the Microsoft Word Document/Forms.
Then Open each document using your Word Processor Program and type the information directly to the document/form.
Then Print, Sign the Agreement Form in the two required fields and FAX it back to MedicServe FAX: 631-941-1013 or Scan and email it back to MedicServe.
RelayHealth Registration
RelayHealth Contract Agreement

Please use the following web link to review the vast network of Professional Payers for Insurance Claims or Patient Eligibility Verification.
MedicServe will work with RelayHealth to complete much of the registration process. When this process is complete, you will receive a confirmation email that contains your Billing ID and Submitter ID. You will use both of these, when you create an EDI Receiver for RelayHealth in Medisoft. Detailed instructions will be provided to help you set up the Medisoft EDI Receiver(s) and the associated Insurance, Provider screens.

The confirmation email also contains your User ID and Password for the RelayHealth Collaboration Compass site. The Collaboration Compass site is an important element in processing claims with RelayHealth. You will need to go to the RelayHealth CollaborationCompass web site to create your account, after you receive your Billing ID and Submitter ID. Later you will receive another confirmation email that documents that your registration on the site is complete. After receiving this email you can return to the site and create other users, customize the way in which you view data on the site, view important updates, etc.

Before you can process any claims, you will need to login to the Collaboration Compass Site and complete various payor agreements for carriers that your practice accepts.
To Reach Us by Phone:

TOLL FREE: (888) 987-9335
COMPANY DIRECT: (631) 941-1014
FAX: (631) 941-1013

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