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Item # 09 Medisoft E.R.A. Auto Pay software

Painless Payments

Think of all the time your office spends deciphering Medicare EOBs. You have to figure out which patients’ claims have been paid, how much has been paid, and what needs to be written off. Once you figure that out, you still need to post the payments and write-offs into MediSoft. This process can result not only in loss of valuable time but can result in math or keying errors. Why go through this when E.R.A. Auto Pay will do it for you?
apply paayments automatically

E.R.A. Auto Pay Does All The Work

After you’ve electronically submitted your claims to Medicare, download the Electronic Remittance Advice file. Your MediSoft program will then process the information to post payments and write-offs to the appropriate patient ledgers. After you’ve received the actual check, with a few keystrokes, the payments and adjustments are automatically updated. You can even print a report that details the payments and adjustments that will be created when posting payments. What was once time consuming can be done in a matter of minutes

And That's Not All

E.R.A. Auto Pay does much more than just post Medicare payments and write-offs. E.R.A. Auto Pay also:

• Shows if secondary carriers need to be billed.

• Handles non-patient items of penalty and interest

• Allows entries to be changed or deleted.

Please Note: This module requires the Medisoft Electronic Claims Direct (ECD) Module (Item 13). The combined purchase of the ECD and the ERA modules is priced lower! Send us Email for current special price.

  MedicServe recommends this software module for use by practicioners, or medical billing services having a concentration of Patients under Medicare. This Medisoft software module helps reduce the manual payment posting task, by automatically posting payments, write-offs to the appropriate patient ledger. It also shows you if secondary carriers need to be billed.

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