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Item # 07 Medisoft BarCoding Software; for Version 5

MediSoft's Bar Code Entry system

The Bar-code Entry system is an ideal tool for the BUSY medical and dental offices. This system will automate your data entry.

Everyone is familiar with the improved efficiency of scanning bar codes instead of typing in the information for products and services sold. Chances are that every time you visit your local supermarket the items you purchase are scanned by a laser bar code reader mounted inside the check stand counter. The MediSoft Bar Code reader works the same way but you hold the bar code wand in your hand just like a pencil.

The MediSoft Bar Code Data Entry includes both the code reader and the associated softwarerequired to print bar coded superbills!

Fast Data Entry

Instead of typing the information needed to enter charges for an office visit, you can scan each of the bar codes for the services rendered with the diagnosis from a bar coded superbill. The bar code reader beeps to let you know that you've saved time by entering charges the easy way instead of typing each one. An very important added advantage is that transaction entry errors are virtually eliminated.

Easy Installation

Installation of the MediSoft bar code reader couldn't be simpler. You only need to plug in cables to connect the reader's control module between your keyboard and computer. Models are available for standard keyboard plugs, IBM PS/2 keyboard plugs and serial ports on notebook computers. The entire installation including software and hardware can take as little as five minutes!

Improved Efficiency

MediSoft Bar Code Data Entry can improve your efficiency. An entire day's billing entries can be made in a fraction of the time needed previously. You can save up to 75% of the time required to enter a day's charges by scanning your bar coded superbills, instead of having to type the entries.

How does it Work?

Included is a special program to print your superbill with a bar code for each procedure and diagnosis. The program prints 95 codes for each superbill. Even with the addition of bar codes that's 17 more codes than you can print on your standard MediSoft superbills. As the patient is treated, the physician checks off each applicable procedure and diagnosis code for the visit. As the patient is checked out at the front desk, the computer operator scans the patient chart number, the document number, the date and each procedure performed with their applicable diagnoses( up to four per procedure). Two keystrokes total and save the transactions for the day's visit. It's that easy to save time and decrease errors while entering data.

  MedicServe recommends this product for use by BUSY medical and dental offices, already equiped with the Medisoft advanced software. This added feature will automate your data entry, which is a very important aspect to the busy office. The entire day's billing entries can be made in a fraction of the time needed previously. On the average, this translates to savings up to 75% of the time required to manually enter all the data.

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