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Item # 06 Practisoft Advanced Multi-User Dental Accounting for WINdows

Practisoft Advanced Dental Multi-User Software

    This Multi-User/Network Option of PractiSoft Advanced can be set-up on popular local area networks like NT, Novell with PractiSoft Advanced Multi-User. Supports simultaneous access to billing and appointment data when more than one person in your office uses the computer.

    You get all the features of the Practisoft Advanced Dental Patient Accounting, plus you can configure your practice to work in a networked configuration, allowing multiple users to perform different tasks simultaneously.

    Configuring Practisoft to run on the specified networks, and setting up the workstations and server correctly is not a difficult task, but it is recommended that the network configuration and Medisoft installation be performed by qualified network technician.

Technical Overview

    Practisoft runs on two basic types of local area networks (LANs). A peer-to-peer network allows any computer on the network to work as a server so that other computers on the network may use its resources. Networks of this type include LANtastic, Windows for Workgroups and Windows 95. Another type of network, a client-server type network, sets aside one computer on the network to act as the file and print server. This type of network is usually faster than a peer-to-peer network because it employs advanced technology and the computer acting as the server is used only for that task. An example of this type of network is Novell Netware.

    Both peer-to-peer and client-server networks work well if used for the proper number of users. MediSoft recommends client-server networks for any number of users, particularly those networks with four or more workstations. Peer-to-peer networks are more appropriate for networks with three or fewer users. These size guidelines are important to follow because as the number of users on the network increases, so does the amount of data that passes over the network. Client-server networks are able to handle large amounts of data with little speed degradation.

  MedicServe highly recommends this multi-user product for use in medium to large and busy dental, or oral surgery practice. This product improves efficiency dramatically, since it allows multiple & different tasks to be performed simultaneously:
    For instance, the front desk receptionist can check patient appointment information, the dental assistant can check patient case history, while the office manager can run accounting reports.

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