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  * Medisoft Final Draft is now part of the Medisoft Advanced, Network Professional

Integrated Word Processor to Simplify your Life

    Simplify yours with Final Draft, the medical word processor that makes writing easier. Final Draft is unbelievably easy to use. In just a few minutes anyone in your office can be editing, checking spelling and printing documents.
    Compare Final Draft's abilities to others and you'll find the same features, with one major exception: Final Draft has Special Features for Healthcare Practices, and it is Customized for Healthcare Practices.
    The Final Draft system is designed to work with your MediSoft software. The Letter Wizard allows you to create letters or other documents with information found in your MediSoft files. Choose the information you want from a list of available fields and Final Draft software automatically inserts the information.

    The Final Draft program is integrated with Medisoft, and it can be launched directly from within MediSoft. It allows you to create document templates for entering chart notes.
    Spell Checker Improves Accuracy
  • Final Draft will scan your document for unrecognized words. It will offer suggestions from its medical dictionary for those words it doesn't recognize.
    Some of the other Great Features:
  • Includes over 100 sample documents to help you get started: payment due notices, thank you letters, birthday notes, and.....
  • Add graphics and print documents using Windows fonts and printers
  • Preview your document before it is printed
  • Protect your data with backup and restore fatures
  • It's very easy to learn; you will be productive in minutes
  • Final Draft for Windows is Affordable -- Final Draft sells for a fraction of the cost of other similar word processor packages

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