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Item #14 Medisoft Final Draft

Integrated Word Processor to Simplify your Life

    Simplify yours with Final Draft, the medical word processor that makes writing easier. Final Draft is unbelievably easy to use. In just a few minutes anyone in your office can be editing, checking spelling and printing documents.
    Compare Final Draft's abilities with those of other word processors. You'll find the features in Final Draft that you want most, like a medical spelling checker, thesaurus, form letters and many more.
    Final Draft eases the transition to word processing by giving frequently used features easy-to-remember commands. Press B to boldface, U to underline, C to center... You get the idea.
    With automatic installation and a quick-start video tutorial you'll be using Final Draft faster than you could with any other word processor. In less than an hour you'll be processing words like a pro.

Final Draft's Features are Designed to Help You Effortlessly Create Documents

    Spelling Check -- Your documents are expertly scanned for misspellings, improper capitalization, missed punctuation and double words.
    Thesaurus and Dictionary -- Choose a word and let Final Draft suggest other words to make your writing more colorful, bright or vivid.
    Canned Paragraphs and Phrases -- Final Draft can store a word, a phrase or an entire passage of text to make repetitive documents easier to write.
    Merge-Printing -- Works with MediSoft to personalize form letters and other documents.
    Automatic Backup -- Saves your documents automatically to prevent loss of your work.
    Faster Than Most Other Systems -- Final Draft is lightning fast: You won't spend your valuable time trying to find a command or waiting for it to be carried out.
    Final Draft is Affordable -- Final Draft sells fora fraction of the cost of other similar word processor packages.
  MedicServe recommends this product for use by medical practices which require the front desk personell to perform some typing. This word processor is integrated within the Medisoft system, and it is extremely easy to learn; (a must feature which minimizes the re-training of new staff). It also comes with a quick start video tutorial. See Final Draft Windows version description.

Final Draft does not contain some complicated features found in some other word processor products, which are designed for technical writting applications, and they do not serve any purpose an a medical practice application.

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